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***Personages [#x3664873]

-Harami-chan is a pop pianist.
--She hopes that everyone enjoy the piano sounds.
--For this purpose, she often goes out to play the street piano.
--She isn't only YouTuber.
--She isn't only 17 Liver.
-Harami-chan is a ''pop pianist'' based in Japan.
--She hopes everyone enjoys the piano more. She wants it much closer to us.
--For that purpose, she often goes out to play the street piano.
--Her job is not YouTuber.
--Her job is not 17 Live streamer.
--Harami-chan's sayings = [[Saying]]
--Switch-san = [[Game]]
--She is right-handed (Thought she was left-handed? Check where her hair parting line is).
--She always plays by ear, therefore has not bought sheet music. (except the ones for classical music)
--She can play any song she has heard of, therefore doesn't know how many songs are in her repertoire.
--In order to brush up a song, she does thorough research on the original song structures, the intention of the songwriter, and the historical background.
---[[YouTube streaming of her practice scene>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU6YUsWV_c4&t=4223s]] <- She said it was a "relaxing" practice, although it does not look like it.
--Her blood type is O.
--Her age and height are not disclosed (and asking them is a strict taboo, according to her).

//--ハラミちゃん語録 = [[Saying]]
//--すいっちさん = [[Game]]
--She is right-handed person.
--She plays by ear. She has not bought the music score ever. (without classical music)
--Because she can plays the songs which she has heard it before, she doesn't know how many songs she can play.
--For brush up one song, she does thorough research song's structure, theme of songwriter and the background.
---[[YouTube Live of her training>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU6YUsWV_c4&t=4223s]] <- 
She said it was the slow training. But it is not looked like slow one.
--Blood type O.
--Age and height do not open to the public.

--Her own piano is YAMAHA.
--She has YAMAHA at home.
--She often has diffuculty finding a piano that she can "comfortably" play, as her matching criteria seems strict.
--She's therefore training herself to be able to play any street piano.
--She enjoys encountering with a variety of street pianos.

-Usami-chan = Pink rabbit at YouTube main channel.
-Warumi-chan = Blue rabbit at YouTube sub channel.
-Usami-chan (hybrid of Usagi (rabbit) + Harami) = Pink rabbit, as seen in the icon of her YouTube main channel.
-Warumi-chan (hybrid of Warui (bad) + Harami) = Blue rabbit, as seen in the icon of her YouTube sub channel.

//-ネズミちゃん = 2020-04-01限定
-Nezumi-chan (hybrid of Nezumi (mouse) + Harami) = Limited time appearance on Apr 1, 2020 only

-Akami-chan = [[Nord Electro 6 HP 73>http://www.nordkeyboards.jp/products/nord-electro-6/index.html]]
-Busami-chan (hybrid of Busai (ugly) + Usami)
--Usami-chan in Minecraft created by Harami-chan for the first time.

//--気分屋のマイク([[SHURE PGA48>https://www.shure.com/ja-JP/products/microphones/pga48]])さんの名前
-Akami-chan (hybrid of Aka (red) + Harami) = Her keyboard ([[Nord Electro 6 HP 73>http://www.nordkeyboards.jp/products/nord-electro-6/index.html]])
--Used also by Hiromi Uehara whom Harami-chan highly respects. Thus she bought it.

-Maikoh (hybrid of Maiku (mic) + Ko (diminutive suffix for a woman or child)) 
--It's a mic with an uneven temper ([[SHURE PGA48>https://www.shure.com/ja-JP/products/microphones/pga48]])
--It was named while waiting for the start of her YouTube live streaming on May 6, 2020.
--It's a kinda mic which performs better when it's praised.
--It occasionally headbutts Harami-chan's teeth.

--He was Harami-chan's senior co-worker.
--He makes the movies for YouTube.
//--YAH YAH YAHを弾くとノリノリになる。
//--ONE PIECE大好き
--Harami-chan's Senpai (former senior colleague).
--He films and edits her YouTube videos.
--He grooves when she plays "YAH YAH YAH".
--He's the judge of the intro quiz taking place during her live streamings.
--He loves ONE PIECE.

--Harami-chan's Grandpa.
--He sometimes comes during Harami-chan's Live.
-Jijimi-chan (hybrid of Jijii (grandpa) + Harami) 
--Harami-chan's grandpa.
--Harami-chan and Jijimi-chan are very close.
--He makes a sudden guest appearance on her live streamings when she's playing groovy songs.

-Babami-chan (hybrid of Babaa (grandma) + Harami) 
--Harami-chan's grandma.
--She made an appearance on Jun 29, 2020 during live streaming celebrating Harami-chan's first anniversary. Extremely rare character.

-Mamami-chan (hybrid of Mama (mom) + Harami)
--Harami-chan's mom.
--She's a good cook.




//---子米(こまい)ちゃん = 子供のファン。パプリカ踊ってくれる。
//---米娘(まいこ)さん = 女性のファン。ひな祭りイベントで女性を騙るエセ米娘が大量発生した
//---新米(しんまい)さん = 新しいファンの方。お米さんが優しくしてくれる。
//---古米(こまい)さん = 古くからのファン。

//***ハラミちゃんバリエーション [#x1fe8c02]


//--#ハラミが届ける元気曲 プロジェクトで弾いた曲の解説してくれる






//***用語 [#z2d6bc25]
//--そのため、ハラミちゃんが耳コピするときは、携帯電話を水平にして耳に当てる (かわいい)

//-ハラミ体操 (ハラミちゃんのオリジナル曲)
//--手を洗う時、ハラミ体操を3回口ずさむと1分になるらしい ← ハラミ先生の教え







//***メモ [#rbb18f36]

//--犬が鳴いたら、わんわんと言うこと (いちいち犬の名前を尋ねない)


//--例えば、「さいた さいた チューリップの花が」は誰でも楽譜見ないで歌える、ハラミはピアノを弾く。同じ。


//--YouTubeでアーティスト名と曲名を検索するでしょ (分かるよ)
//--スマホのおしりがスピーカーだから耳に当てるでしょ (分かるよ)
//--音楽が聞こえたら、しゅーって耳コピするの (だから、そこが分からん)
//--しゅーって耳コピしたらピアノで弾けるの (それが出来たら苦労しない)


//--「やーやーやー」YAH YAH YAH



//**お米さんの心得 [#q19f557d]
//+お米さんでルールを作らないこと (必要なルールはハラミちゃんが告知します)
//--お米さんあるある = [[AruAru]]
//--うちわの作り方をまとめました = [[Fan]]

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